Institute for Fiscal Studies on Education and Inequality

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is not always a very progressive organisation, but its latest research on education and inequality is worth reading, espcially comparing the UK with other European and OECD countries. This is the introduction from the Institute’s media release: “Education levels have risen over time, in the UK and internationally. The share […]

How Tony Blair killed off co-operatives as he pursued his ‘third way’ – Kenny MacAskill MP

This is Kenny MacAskill’s piece in the “Scotsman” on THU 30 JUN 2022 about Les Huckfield’s book “How Blair Killed the Coops”. Les is grateful to Kenny for his careful consideration of some detailed argument. This is the link to Kenny’s Scotsman piece: How Tony Blair killed off co-operatives as he pursued his ‘third way’ […]

Review: Italy Today, Us Tomorrow?

Chris Bambery’s excellent review of David Brodie’s “First They Took Rome” is a most important contribution. Chris’ review and David’s book need to be read and appreciated by all who don’t understand Italy’s export of right wing populism.

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